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Our Clients

Wondering what type of singles join It's Just Lunch? Read on...

We do love a good story.

It’s Just Lunch clients represent many different professions and career/life stages. Some are divorced or new to Chicago Suburbs and want to fast-forward their dating. Others don’t want their personal details public or don’t have the time or patience to deal with online dating. One thing they have in common: they’re ready to meet someone special! Meet a few couples who call their It’s Just Lunch experience a success!

Meet more of our couples who call their It’s Just
Lunch experience a success!

Jeff and Jenny
Erik and Danielle
Justin and Megan
Ellen and Andrew
Ping and Lawrence
Amin Tran: E-commerce Entrepreneur
  • Education: Industrial Engineer, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Interests:Snowboarding, travel, fitness
Rebecca Tran: Dietitian, Vancouver Coastal Health EDUC
  • Education: BS Nutrition, Acadia University, Nova Scotia and MHA, University of British Columbia
  • Interests: Cooking, yoga, snowboarding
Patrick Szutar: Architect
  • Education: Masters of Architecture
  • Interests: Skiing
Jacquie Caro-Szutar: Civil Engineer
  • Education: Masters of Science
  • Interests: Skiing, family
Troy Stark, Business Owner
  • Interests: hiking, golf, volunteering
Heather (Nix) Stark, Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Interests: ½ marathons, kayaking, wine tasting
Christoff Koch: Chief Scientific Officer/ Professor
  • Education: PhD, University of Tubingen, Germany
  • Interests: Cycling, writing, mountaineering, travel
Teresa Ward: Professor, University of Washington
  • Education: PhD, UC San Francisco
  • Interests: Triathlons, skiing, theater
Jesalyn (Lange) Garrett: Property Sales
  • Education: Univ of Wisconsin (BA in Urban Development)
  • Interests: Snow skiing, travel, yoga, painting
Beau Garrett: Regional Sales Director, Pharmaceuticals
  • Education: MBA, Carlson School of Management, Univ of Minnesota
  • Interests: Snow skiing, fly-fishing, ice hockey
Kevin Hughes: Head of beqom Labs, Microsoft
  • Interests: Hang gliding, traveling
Tracy Hughes: Former Underwriting Manager, Mother
  • Interests: cooking, running, theater
Dan Abrell: VP Sales, Fleetwood-Signode
  • Education: B.A. Economics
  • Interests: boating, skiing, golfing, mountain biking, traveling
Karin Anderson Abrell, Ph.D.: psychologist, author, speaker, musician
  • Education: Ph.D. Developmental Psychology, M.A. Clinical Psychology, B.A. Psychology & Communications
  • Interests: singing, song-writing, tennis, skiing, traveling
Michael Schlitt: Senior Build Engineer, Microsoft
  • Education: BS, Pacific Lutheran Univ.
  • Interests: Skiing, Pacific NW Outdoors
Desireé Schlitt: Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant
  • Education: BA, Univ. of Washington
  • Interests: Running, Fashion, World Travel
Eric Coonrod: Banking
  • Education: Bachelor of Science
  • Interests: skiing, travel, sailing
Tracy Brescia: Marketing/ Sales
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts
  • Interests: Boating, skiing, running
Angie and Brian
Rick and Kristina

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