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Speed dating comes to ski chairlifts so you can find love while suspended 20 feet in the air


Rick Barrett, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Singles in Wisconsin who enjoy skiing will have an opportunity to find love on the slopes at a "It's Just Lunch" dating service event that will match skiers for a speed date on chairlifts. USA TODAY

Suspended high above a ski hill in the frigid cold, wearing darkened goggles and a helmet, may not seem like the setting to meet the love of your life.

But it’s happened, and ski chairlift speed dating is coming to Wisconsin this winter.

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9 signs you weren't ready to break up with your ex


Shelby Slauer

Breakups are hard, especially if you weren't ready for one. If your relationship is still healthy overall or you broke up because of external reasons, you probably weren't ready.

INSIDER spoke with relationship experts about signs that you weren't ready to break up with your partner.

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Editor’s Choice Award of Excellence — It’s Just Lunch® Matchmakers Inspire Singles to Stop Swiping & Start Meeting in Person


Amber Brooks

Editor’s Choice Award of Excellence — It’s Just Lunch® Matchmakers Inspire Singles to Stop Swiping & Start Meeting in Person

The Short Version: Since 1991, It’s Just Lunch has helped busy professionals meet and build long-term relationships. This global matchmaking firm streamlines the dating process by arranging first dates for clients in 150 cities worldwide. As a leader in the industry, It’s Just Lunch has won our Editor’s Choice Award of Excellence in recognition of its exceptionally passionate and dedicated team.

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Spring Cleaning Your Love Life


WFLD Fox Interview on 4.28.18

Spring is a season of renewal and fresh starts, right? Especially for those who might find themselves in a relationship slump. Local professional matchmaker Erika Kybartas from It's Just Lunch Chicago visited the set of Fox 32 to tell viewers that now is the perfect time to clear the clutter and get your love life in order!

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Why is spring such a good time to refresh our love lives?
Spring is the season of renewal. If you didn’t have the desire to go out and meet people in the snow, the nicer weather makes it easier. It’s also a time of year when people who may have “uncuffed” -- or broken up -- around the holidays are now ready to start dating again. If you haven’t been successful when it comes to finding love, you can start by doing a little “spring cleaning” to help yourself get off on the right foot -- and give yourself a clean slate.

So, where should singles begin?

First, Delete the Duds
If you’re holding onto exes or old flames, meeting someone new might never happen. Go through your phone and delete any numbers or emails of former flames. Get rid of that security blanket so that you can truly make a fresh start.

Next, T Away Negative Thoughts
Winter can be depressing and dark. Spring makes everyone happy, so lighten things up. Throw away any thoughts you have that “you’re never going to find anyone” or “it’s just too hard to meet people”. Also, practice being positive and open yourself up to new possibilities. You can start by taking care of yourself -- get a new outfit, a new pair of shoes, a new haircut. The more confident you feel and look, the more excited you’ll be about getting out there again.

Reorganize Your Routine
It’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone. If you’ve been going to the same gym or coffee shop and haven’t met Mr. or Ms. Right yet, you’re not going to. Find something that you’ve always wanted to do… and do it! Go to new places. Try different activities. Now that the weather is getting nicer, start doing more outside. It’s all about opportunity and putting yourself in a place where you can take advantage of it. You have to be proactive because no one is just going to come knocking at your door.

Dust Off Your Date Chatter
If you’ve gone on dates that felt more like job interviews, then dust off your date chatter or conversation skills. At It’s Just Lunch, we match our clients based on common interests and goals, so that when they meet for the first time, they can hit the ground running when it comes to getting to know each other. They can make a much stronger connection. Stop asking the same questions or falling into the same bad conversation habits -- for instance, don’t talk about your ex or a laundry list of small talk / background questions.

Is it better for our love lives if we do these things more often than just once a year?
Do it whenever you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Change is good when it inspires us to stretch and grow!

On the Road for Work and Finding Love



In 2010, Heleen Devos, a native of Belgium who works in corporate social responsibility and communications for a French energy company, was heading to Cuba for a United Nations climate change conference.

“I had seen him and found him handsome,” Ms. Devos said dreamily of a Chilean in her row. Yet she was unsure of his relationship with the older woman next to him.

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